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XXIX 2005 - 3

LESLIE ZARKER MORGAN, Ynide and Charles Martel. Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale N III 19, Folios 72r-89r (I) [433-54]

Huon d’Auvergne is a late chanson de geste of which all three almost-complete versions exist only in Franco-Italian. Two of the three are dated within the manuscripts themselves; the first chronologically (Berlin = B) to 1341 and the last (Turin = T) to 1441; the second (Padua = P) is datable to the end of the fourteenth or early fifteenth century. This article places the last manuscript, T, in the Huon d’Auvergne tradition, describes it in its current state, and offers a transcription of one unpublished episode based primarily upon the manuscript.

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